Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Badam Pak


1 cup whole Badam/Almonds
1 cup powdered Sugar
6 tbsp Butter/Ghee


1. Boil badam in water for atleast 20 min and let it cool. Peal off the skin easily by rubbing them in your palms.
2. Make a paste of these badam with required amount of water.
3. Heat a pan, add butter/ghee, let it melt and then add badam paste. Fry it until golden brown and keep aside.
4. Heat another pan, add sugar and little water, stir it to make sugar syrup. Make this syrup thick enough so that when you touch it, should be able to roll it into tiny rounds.
5. Once syrup is ready, add the badam paste and keep stirring continuously until ghee/butter starts oozing out.
6. Transfer it to a ghee/butter coated plate and let it cool. Cut into pieces and serve them.

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