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A hearty WELCOME to RUCHIMAYAM viewers ! This is Kavitha Arvapalli. I am originated from India and now reside in USA. I had always loved cooking and used to try with different tastes/recipes. Remember those funny days when I used to cook for my dad in my own style and say that I cook better than my mom(Well, I do admit my mom is the best @cooking). Used to receive a calm smile on that from dad... My little sis who used to pull my legs saying she helped me around if the dish came out well otherwise not.. :) 

Indian tastes/recipes are several..Every region has their own flavors and textures of food and yummy too. When you move through different states/places in India, you will find countless varieties of recipes which follow different styles of cooking also which consist different varieties of spices. I love Indian Punjabi food and also all kinds of north Indian dishes. These tastes are almost different from our South Indian recipes. Wanted to put them altogether... different tastes and my trials. 

Anjali (:) Kavitha

Anjali, dearest friend of mine, took the pleasure in initiating this blog and since then, we have been enjoying blogging RUCHIMAYAM together. Ravi, my husband, made RUCHIMAYAM recipes look so delightful with his excellent photography. Thank you Anjali and Ravi for your great support. 

Happy Cooking Viewers !

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