Tips and Tricks

15. While cooking with Cauliflower, add some milk to the water, to keep the florets stay white.

14. Fed-up with the pollution and tan it causes?? Here is some simple tip to cleanse your face daily. No store bought cleanser but your own kitchen essential item is gonna do this for you. It's Milk!! Daily, before you go to sleep, take a small cotton ball and little milk in a small bowl, dip the cotton in the milk and rub over your face in one direction(top to bottom direction). Now each time you rub it over, look at the dirt that gets stuck to cotton. This can only be wiped off with such cleansers but not just regular face wash. Try it and see :)

13. Hair fall is today's common problem. Follow this simple tip and observe the change. Take a 1/2 tbsp of amla powder in a small cup and mix it with some water. Do not make a paste but a bit watery. Leave it the whole night and next day morning, apply the water to your scalp and leave for 15 min and then take a head bath as usual. You'll notice the difference in less than 5 times of application for sure.

12. Whenever you cook noodles/vermicelli/sevai kind of stuff.. boil the water first with some salt and then add the raw noodles/vermicelli/sevai.. Once they are well cooked, remove and wash them under running cold water... this makes them cook non-sticky.

11. Wash your regularly worn gold accessories which gets easily dull with today's pollution, with any toothpaste and unused brush. They'll get back the real shine again.

10. To squeeze out maximum juice from lemons, roll them thoroughly giving some pressure.., on a hard surface before cutting the lemons.

9. Refrigerated pickles(Uragayalu) always taste fresh and if  it is Mango pickle, the Mango pieces do not turn out tender.

8. When you prepare sugar syrup, add few lemon drops not to crystallize  it back.

7. Once you finish off with the Dosa pan, sprinkle few lemon drops on it which makes the pan get cleaned neatly.

6. While preparing dosas, before you put the batter for the next one, take a half cut onion and rub it on the pan. This is to avoid spraying oil in between spreading two dosas.

5. You can always save wet Tamarind flakes(after extracting tamarind juice) to clean off hard oil stains that form in vessels after cooking.

4. If you over-salt any dish, add a peeled potato to it. It instantly absorbs the excess salt.

3. Take a piece of potato and rub it under your palms to wipe off all the tough food stains.

2. Tymol seeds(Vamu/Ajwain/Omam) have a tendency getting occupied with small black flies very quickly. Refrigerate them in tight plastic container to avoid this. You can also refrigerate powdered Ajwain.

1. Add few fenugreek/methi/menthulu seeds while soaking rice and black gram for a 'healthy' dosa batter.