Monday, July 25, 2011

Carrot Fry

Carrots, as known, is a very healthy vegetable which is rich in Vitamin A. I use them as much as possible in my regular dishes. Sometimes direct and grated, at times. I have seen many who doesn't like to have them as a curry .., because of the sweetness it gives to the curry.. For those.., frying them is the best way to have them happily in their meal.. Here I go with it.. It's a bit spicy because of which, must of the sweetness is suppressed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boiled Egg Curry

This is one of my most favorite dishes with a healthy ingredient Egg.. 'Boiled Egg Curry'! I have tasted this recipe long long ago at my best buddy - Jeevan's place.. I just love aunty's recipes.. she is a great cook indeed :) Boiled egg is almost everyone's favorite but I know few who doesn't like it too.. Those who doesn't enjoy to have the boiled egg  directly, will surely love this recipe more.. Try it once and let me know :) Here it goes..!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Borugulu or Maramaralu Mixture / Puffed Rice Mixture

This is the most common road side bandi wala's(Street side seller) snack, popularly known as 'Muntha kinda pappu(Andhra)' or 'Jhaal Muri(in Calcutta)'.  Usually the bandi wala keeps a heap of Borugulu(Murmur/Maramaralu) and a claypot on the top of the heap with hot charcoal in it(to continuously roast the 'Borugulu' under the pot). Just before preparing, he takes a dried hallow coconut shell, adds some roasted 'Borugulu' taking from under the hot claypot to the shell. Around his  'Borugulu' basket he carries chopped tomato, onion, boiled chana dal, fried peanuts and all the other spices in different vessels. He adds up all one by one and mixes them thoroughly and finally serves them in a paper cone topping with some coriander leaves... Aaah! It sounds so mouth-watering isn't it???? I love to have one for sure whenever I am on the 'Tankbund' pavements.. :) Also, in the streets of 'Tirumala(Place of Lord Balaji's temple)'. It tastes really special there!! Let's go ahead with the recipe now.. shall not make you wait much longer now :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Methi Aloe / Potato Curry with Methi

Today I have come up with one of my own recipes.. wanted to prepare some gravy curry with aloe yesterday. I wanted it to be done real fast and so thought of doing this way.. all I had was potatoes and an Onion and Tomato and few dried methi leaves.. you can also use fresh methi leaves .. so, this came out instantly and also tasted great... I have actually served this with rice but I am sure this would go perfect with rotis/poori. Give it a try :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Borugula(Mumur) Upma / Puffed Rice Upma

This is dish made with puffed rice/Borugulu/mur mur. An easy recipe which goes ideal for the snacks time.. This is one of those dishes I have learnt in my priliminary cooking days from mom :) Kids would love it for sure.. But, remember, it tastes yummy when served hot. Once it gets cooled.., you would not enjoy it.. So, plan it 30 min before you want to serve.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nimmakaya Pulihora / Lemon Rice

This is very simple Indian recipe.., a variety of Rice with just lemon and nothing much. Also an immd. recipe that comes to our mind when feeling lazy to cook :) This is a pretty common recipe that is made in almost every Indian's kitchen but hope this helps any priliminary cooks :) I also have a beautiful tip that makes this dish more yummy. Check it out below the post. Hope you'll enjoy it.. it's my mom's special :)