Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ugadi Pachadi

Sri Khara Nama Samvathsara Subhakankshalu <<<>>> Happy Ugadi !

Ugadi or Yuga-Adi is the festival celebrated on the first day of 'Telugu Samvathsaradi' (New Year on Telugu Calendar). This festival stands same and is celebrated with equal joy in different states with different names. This festival falls on the first day of Chaitramasam(March-April). The spring starts and everything is pleasant around having trees with new leaves, flowers. The nature's beauty is at it's peak. This festival is celebrated as 'Gudi Padwa' in Maharastra, 'Navreh' in Kashmir, 'Ugadi' in Karnataka too, 'Cheti Chand' in Sindhis. Usually the festival falls on the same day in all these places. 'Ugadi Pachadi' is the first thing that one should eat on this day after the Puja(prayer). Andhra delicacy 'Ugadi Pachadi' is the combination of six tastes/flavors as Chintapandu(Tamarind) for Pulupu(sour), Mirapakaya(Chilli) for Karam(spice), Bellam(Jaggery) for Teepi(sweet), Vepa puvvu(Neem flowers) for Chedu(Bitter), Mamidikaya(Raw Mango) for Vagaru(Pungent) and finally salt which reflect myraid facets of our life.


1/2 cup chopped Pachi Mamidikaya (raw fresh Mango)
3 tbsp Tamarind pulp
4 tbsp Jaggery
1 tsp Margosa flowers (Neem tree flowers)
1 small Green Chili
Salt to taste


1.Take a bowl, add tamarind pulp and jaggery, make thin watery paste of it with some water.
2. Add chopped mango, chopped chili, margosa flowers and adjust salt.
3. Andhra delicacy ' Ugadi Pachadi ' is ready to offer in puja(prayer) for naivaidyam.

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