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Can we expect any Indian who is not familiar with PAV-BHAJI ?????? No, right !!! A mouth-watering yummy dish of India. The origin of this dish was in Maharastra. Pav in Marathi means Bread and the Bhaji in Marathi means vegetable curry. This is a delicious heavy snack.. with easy recipe.. having tempting look! Go ahead to enjoy the supper.

The Bhaji(Curry) is not specific to one vegetable. Take freedom to add all the healthy vegetables and make the dish healthier. Try to include Potato which makes the Bhaji taste rich... avoiding Potato doesn't spoil the flavor of Bhaji though!

2 peeled Potatoes
2 peeled Carrots
1 cup chopped Tomato
2 chopped Onion

Optional Vegetables:
1 Bell Pepper(Capsicum)
1 cup Peas
10 Cauliflower florets
1 cup shredded Cabbage
1 cup chopped Green Beans

Please add the spices quantity according to the quantity of vegetables. All the spices can be adjusted while cooking.
Green Chillies, Red chilli powder, Pav-Bhaji masala, Pinch of turmeric, Salt to taste. Can substitute Pav-Bhaji masala with Garam masala too.

1. Boil all the vegetables in a pressure cooker first with some salt(Except Tomato).
2. Mash the cooked vegetables slightly and keep aside.
3. Heat oil in a pan, add 1/2 of the chopped onion and chillies. Fry them until translucent and add chopped Tomato. Fry it until soft and add turmeric, chilli powder and masala powder(Pav-Bhaji masala or Garam masala). Add the mashed vegetables, some water, and mix well. Adjust the salt and top it with coriander leaves. Bhaji is ready now.
4. One loaf of a pav(Small Bread Buns) should be sliced into halves. If you had bought them sliced, take the slices.  Fry both of them on their either sides with butter and serve them with Bhaji and the remaining chopped Onions. You can also side the dish with a lemon slice and Coriander leaves.

*We welcome your valuable suggestions/comments on this Recipe* I follow the following link for the unit conversions. Hope it will help. The link shows all the unit conversions for cooking

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  1. Good Anju.. Easy to prepare and good for health..
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