Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ullam Rotte / Che Rotte

Who is the Summer King???? Yeah.. Mangoes!!! The best of the seasonal fruits.. Sad, I miss them here :( !! Wanna chill with the Sweet juicy Mangoes..?? Here.., I introduce this recipe, popularly known as "Che Rotte" aka "Ullam Rotte". One of the popular Telangana region's(district of Andhra Pradesh) recipes. A quite different kind of Roti/Rotte. A very heavy food. Wondering how do I make a roti with the Mango juice??!!
 This Roti/Rotte is the best dish which is specially made, to have the fun of Mango juice too, sided as a combination for it.. and, guess what..!!! the preparation is very very simple. Instead of taking the Mango juice in a regular style.. say.. with the Curd Rice.., Pickle Rice.., Poori,,, this is an-other top-class Combo at your Dining :) Try this..!! and, Roti/Rotte lovers.. do not miss this!!


1 cup Rice flour
1 cup Wheat flour
1 tsp Hand-Crushed Jeera/Cumin Seeds
1 tbsp Green Chilli + Coriander leaves paste
Salt to taste


1. Prepare a soft dough with the Wheat flour and keep it aside. Repeat the same with Rice flour but, kneading it with the warm water, salt and chilli+coriander paste. Let the doughs rest for an hour.
2. Heat a Roti pan or tawa and simultaneously, start preparing the Rotis.
3. Take one portion of Wheat flour dough and spread it with the Roti roller a palm size wide. Now, take one portion of the Rice flour dough and shape it round like a ball. Place it on the Wheat dough spread, in the center.
4. Cover the Rice flour dough with the Wheat dough from all sides like a pack. Close the top with the dough and press into the extra dough. Same as you do for the Bakshalu/Bobbatlu.

 5. Now with the Roti roller, spread the dough like a paratha.

6. Fry the Roti on the pan.

7. Let both sides of the Roti turn golden brown. Repeat the same with the remaining portions of both the dough.

8. Serve hot with thick sweet Mango pulp/juice. You can also serve it with any Achar/Pickle or Dal.

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